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This page reviews the Online Dog Trainer Videos available for purchase. Are these videos really good value? Or just a scam?

After reading the salesman page carefully, I decided to make my own research about the author and his product. I found out that Doggy Dan as been “marketed” on TV as a dog trainer and a very successful behaviorist, so I was a bit more convinced about this, but considering that this product costs about 114$ for a one year access, I had to research a bit more. So I found out that he has helped hundreds of people getting full control over their dogs. His techniques for being an indisputable Alpha Leader, gentle methods for training and even correcting dogs, made his methods very, very effective. And the best part is that there are no reading mistakes possible, all of his techniques are fully detailed in his videos showing by example how to apply these teaching methods.


All things considered, this is an excellent buy because you don’t get just the videos, that by themselves would be great, but also several bonus, like a Training Audio Library, 7 Secrets To Puppy Training Video, 9 Advanced Vocal Commands Video, and unlimited access to Doggy Dan’s forum, where Doggy Dan himself will gladly answer to all your questions.


Well, at least this was my thinking, so I decided to give it a go, and bought it for a one year membership. I decided to buy for a full year because of his 60 Day full money-back guarantee. I thought that 60 days would be more than enough time to test most of the methods with my own dogs, and if they didn’t work out, or if I had no support with his forum, I would immediately ask for my refund.

So, here’s my personal experience with this product…simply AMAZING. I can’t stress out this enough, I already had a very good background knowledge with dog training, but this is simply mind blowing. I have a 5 year old pit bull that its favorite hobby was to eat my carpets when I was not at home, a young 4 month old German Sheppard puppy that had the “strange” behavior of going after my two cats, and a 17 year old Labrador (yes he is old), that had never learned to behave properly inside my house.

They are just perfect now, even too perfect (if that was possible). My pit bull has a “good diet” now (not carpet based), my 4 month old German Sheppard his now the “preferred bed” of my two cats, and my Labrador can now stay inside my house with all the others.

What can I say?

I had a few problems with my dogs, that were very easily solved, and the videos showed me so much more, that I’m really impressed by what a dog can do if we teach him properly. Remember all dogs can learn no matter their age but you must first know how to teach them. I really endorse this product has a dog lover, and a responsible owner that understands that dogs are what we make of them. We just need the right knowledge to make it happen.

If you're like me and prefer videos instead of ebooks, then buy this product by clicking the image below, you won't regret it.