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Have you ever thought how those few breeders master their way to the top with the finest dogs you’ve ever seen time after time? Is it luck? Well, the short answer is knowledge.

And this is what this book is about, the knowledge you’ll gain from the information inside this book is really invaluable, even if you’re not a breeder, this book will explain to you the best way to feed your dog, at what time, how often and best of all, what food should you give him.


Every little secret there’s to know about litters, puppies, young dogs, adult dogs, senior dogs, “mummy” dogs, veterinary costs and common fatal diseases that could be completely avoided without even going to a veterinary.

Don’t be fooled by this book’s title, this is not just for the professional breeders, you will learn all the necessary precautions to have with your own dog including the correct diets to have according to your dog’s age, sex and physical condition.

Don’t be fooled by the multibillion dollar companies that are feeding your dog, you should arm yourself with the right knowledge and live “off the grid” with your dog.

Looking at the salesman page, this is what you’ll get (the most important things) for just 67$:

  • A step-by-step guide that will teach you how to read a pedigree
  • Breeding system blue print that will have you producing champions consistently
  • A complete checklist of everything you will need to get you started
  • Dog food information that will increase you dogs life span by up to 7 years (This alone is already worth it)
  • Side-step paying a 200% markup on your dog's medication
  • List of sources that will provide you complete access to any antibiotic under the sun, legally!
  • I will show you step-by-step how to perform minor medical procedures
  • A breeding program for large, medium, small and toy dog breeds
  • Using statistics to choose the breed that's in demand.
  • Recognizing the breeding dog's "confirmation" - One of the most important factors
  • How to build your foundation on the traits that will put your kennel on the map
  • Estimating the value of a dog, YOUR dog.
  • What YOU MUST do before breeding your female
  • The steps YOU MUST take while caring for your pregnant dog.
  • Where and how to advertise your puppies in order to make top dollar.
  • How to set a price for your puppies
  • Advertising tips that will have other breeders begging you to sell them YOUR dog.
  • How to use forums, blogs, and message boards to increase your dog and puppy sales.
  • The difference between selling to a breeder and selling to a pet owner.
  • How to market to attract breeders.
  • How to market to attract pet owners.
  • How to ship your grown dog or puppy…List of dog transporters included.

This is not a groundless review; I actually have a close friend of mine that endorses this product in a blink of an eye, because he’s a dog breeder, and follows this book like if it was his bible. I don’t breed dogs myself, but follow many of these advices, especially regarding dog food and veterinary advices that you just can’t find anywhere else. And even if the only good advice was the 7 years increase in your dog’s life span, that it would be worth the 67$ already, and it has a LOT, LOT MORE.

Check this book by clicking the image bellow, and see all the benefits it can bring you.